Lucky Patcher iOS for iPhone and iOS 9

With over 3 billion smartphone users around the globe, marketers have taken advantage of this new technology and devised new ways to market their products. One of the most cunning ways is by having adverts running while opening apps on phones. As much as it may seem like a wonderful technique, it is annoying while you are enjoying an entertaining game. So how do you get rid of these adverts? Lucky patcher is one of the most revolutionary apps that will help you delete these adverts. Though it comes with other features, this is the most iconic feature that endears most users to it.

Lucky Patcher iOS for iPhone and iOS 9

Is lucky patcher is available for iOS or iPhone?

It is not a secret that lucky patcher was and is still developed for Android users, but gradually the app has found its way to IOS devices. But how is it available for iPhone and IOS yet it has not been developed by their developers? Well, it’s true that there is no available lucky patcher for IOS but the answer lies with third-party apps. One of the most common apps is Cydia. It acts as an android emulator thereby allowing you to install android apps on your device. It is noteworthy though that most of these third-party apps will require you to jailbreak your device.

Lucky Patcher iOS Alternative App


Creehack is one of the best apps on the market that can simply perform as the lucky patcher. Unlike lucky patcher where you will have to jailbreak your device, this app can function without requiring you to go through all that hustle. One noticeable advantage of using this app is that it has one of the easiest interfaces thereby allowing you to make in-app purchases.


Though Freedom can’t outperform lucky patcher, it is a good alternative for IOS devices.  Apart from jailbreaking the other hindrance while using this app is that it doesn’t support in purchases from every app. The most intriguing aspect of this app is that freedom functions by creating a fake virtual Google wallet where users deposit fake money so that they can make in-app purchases for various apps.


One of the best apps that can probably outperform lucky patcher is the Iapfree. The greatest advantage of using this app is that you can use it with almost every app in the market. For users who understand how tough it is to hack in IOS applications, you will understand this can be the best thing to happen. It is noteworthy that for you to install this app, you will need to jailbreak your device.


Unlike other apps that are initially meant for Android devices, Iapcracker is essentially meant for IOS devices. Though you may find it hard to jailbreak your device, it is worth it while using this app. Iapcracker functions by helping users by-pass the payment process given by most apps thereby allowing them to access paid apps for free. It has an easy user interface while working with most apps.


This is a relatively new app that functions by hacking in-app purchases of both games and apps. Unlike all major in-app hack apps, appsara works on both Android and IOS devices. One standout feature is that it functions well with both devices that are either jailbreak or not.

How to install Lucky Patcher iOS 9

Step 1 open your safari app

Step 2 once you have launched it, on its search box type

Step 3 once the website has opened; tap on the option indicated browse all themes

Step 4 once it has finished loading, tap on the option indicated Android OS

Step 5 once you have tapped it, select the option indicated Application Icons (22)

Step 6 now tap app store and possibly change it to play store

Step 7 once you have changed it, locate the option indicated generate theme and tap on it

Step 8 a window will appear asking you to allow it to show you a profile in its settings and you should press allow.

Step 9 follow the instructions diligently and tick installation of AndroidOs


With over 3 billion people using smartphones one of the most iconic apps of the 21st century is the lucky patcher app. It allows users to delete annoying ads which appear while playing games while at the same time allowing them to make in-app purchases. The greatest hindrance of lucky patcher app is that it is not available for IOS devices unless if you intend to use third-party apps. Nonetheless, this is not the end of the road; users can still access its features through other apps such as freedom app, creehack, Appsara, Iapcracker, and Iapfree.


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