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With the development of Android devices, many apps have popped up to give users a feel of new technology. What most users fail to know is that most of the best apps can only be installed when you have rooted your device. One great app is lucky patcher apk which has had over 20 million downloads since its development.

Just as every man has a go-to guy for every problem, this is the go-to app for every app issue you might have. It was first developed for Android devices, but gradually through third-party apps, it has come to accommodate other platforms such as IOS devices. Below we will discuss lucky patcher in detail to help users get the best out of it.

Lucky Patcher Original APK

Are you tired of constant ads while playing games, well that is no longer a challenge while using the original lucky patcher apk? This app lets users customize their devices so that they can conform to our interests. One outstanding feature that charms users are the fact that with this app, you can get to remove license verification of any app that stores its data internally by installing custom MOD patches, and all this is for free. Furthermore, with this app, you can quickly delete those annoying ads from your app of choice.

lucky patcher apk

If you are an android user I know you have encountered a hurdle while trying to move an inbuilt app to an external source, well that is no longer an issue; lucky patcher lets you move internal data of every app you choose to an external SD card.

Unlike other apps, lucky patcher lets you clone an app of your choice; this is a great security measure because nobody can know it; you will simply launch it and long press the app you wish to clone and select clone, and there you go. The secret to getting the best out of this app is rooting your device, after this, you will unlock so many features that can’t be used by users who have not rooted their devices.

Lucky Patcher Features

Block Ads

Ads Remove

Most of the apps if not all provided by google play store come with ads embedded on the screen such that when you tap certain areas of the screen ads will pop up. With lucky patcher, this can be history since it comes with a wonderful feature where you get to delete annoying ads that pop up while playing games.

Free In-App Purchases

Free App Purchases

I know most gamers at one point have got stuck at one level while playing games; well lucky patcher lets you by-pass that challenge by letting you have necessary resources such as coins so that you can manage to upgrade your level.

Removes License Verification

Custom Path

Most app developers have begun building apps where users are required to purchase it so that they could gain upgraded features, well with this lucky patcher app you can hack an app and remove its license verification process with a few steps, but this feature has a catch; the app you wish to hack should have its data saved internally.

Force Remove Bloatware

Force Remove Bloatware

Avid Android users will tell you how a challenge it is to remove bloatware from android devices. For new generation android users, bloatware is inbuilt software that you wish to remove. Lucky patcher lets you uninstall an inbuilt app, and you also have an option to back it up and use it later.

Custom Patches

Custom Path

This app provides you with a list of custom patches for every app that you wish to have. With these custom patches, you can manipulate any app to your desire.

Move System App

Move Apps

Moving apps to an external source are quite a challenge and users have always asked how to move a system app to SD card. Well, with this app you will have the ability to save every app you have to SD card. You will simply download and install lucky patcher and in the list of apps in its interface, choose the app you wish to move and tap on it and select move to SD card.

Uninstall System App


Any android user will tell you how it is next to impossible to uninstall a system app, well with lucky patcher impossible is a term that is not included in this app, it lets you back up and uninstall system apps.

Changed Permission and Activities

Lucky patcher lets you customize your device to your desire. You get to veto all apps functions and edit them. Under the feature of the menu of patches from this app, you will find an option which will let you edit any app of choice on your device.

Create app mod version

I know most of you have that app that you love, what if I told you that you could modify it or even create it. With lucky patcher, you get to create a MOD version of any app of choice.

Clone Application

With the age of monogamy, I think a clone will do you a favor. Lucky patcher users can clone any app they wish. With two simple steps, you can have this process complete in minutes even without the knowledge of technology.

Backup Application

It is quite a terrible feeling knowing that you corrupted an app and you will need to uninstall it then install it, but with this app, you now have the ability to back-up every app or game when you are trying to modify it.

Share Application

Nothing is as satisfying as sharing an inbuilt system app. Most sharing applications don’t have the feature to share in-built apps, and this is an advantage while using lucky patcher, you will have the ability to share anything in your device at a fast rate.

App Info

Lucky patcher is an app that is way ahead of its time; with it, you basically won’t need a third party app. One of its outstanding features is the fact that you will have access to have a pro version of an app for free, so long as its data is stored internally. Furthermore, you will have the ability to edit any app to fit your preference.

Uninstall App

Many android users don’t know that when you uninstall some app, you remain with their data on your phone. To completely remove this app try lucky patcher, it gets rid of the app along with its saved data without leaving a trace of the app.

Download Lucky Patcher APK

  • App Name – Lucky Patcher.
  • Developer – Chelpus.
  • App Download – 20 Million.
  • Price – Free.
  • Latest Version – v7.1.8.


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How to Use Lucky Patcher:

Learning how to use lucky patcher is the secret to Android success. Below we will give the basic steps to help you start up close to learning how to work through this app and get the most out of it.

Step 1 open your browser of choice and in the search bar type download lucky patcher or go

Step 2 once after searching, different websites will pop up, tap on lucky patcher official page.

Step 3 on that page there will be a download link for the latest app, tap on that link.

Step 4 go to settings and check the dialog box which will allow installation of apps from untrusted sources.

Step 5 install ES Explorer from google play store because it is in zip format.

Step 6 Unzip lucky patcher app using ES Explorer.

Step 7 after unzipping the app; install it like any other app.

Step 8 launch it and look for an app that you wish to modify its license verification or ads.

Step 9 under the menus of patches you can remove Google ads by letting every other setting be the default and only clicking ‘remove dependencies.’

Step 10 for un-rooted devices you will have to click menus of patches and tap create a modified apk. Once you have clicked create modified apk, tap on apk rebuild for in-app and lvl emulation. Let the settings remain default and click ok: once you are done, you will have to uninstall the original app and reinstall the created app from lucky patcher, and you can now use it.

Step 11 open menus of patches, if you wish to remove license verification click on auto mode; after tapping auto mode let every other setting be the default and under extreme mode only click ‘remove dependencies’.

Step 13 if you wish to remove license verification to a level that is in-app patches by clicking menus of patches and clicking support, remember to let all settings to be the default and only click apply.

Disadvantages of Lucky Patcher

Though a praiseworthy app, lucky patcher apk has its flaws and one outstanding disadvantage is the fact that for you to access all its features, you have to root your device. It is worthy to note that rooting your device is not bad, but sometimes it exposes your device to instability where apps begin misbehaving. Additionally, this app can’t hack into online games and applications, so users are grounded on hacking apps that store data internally.


Learning how to use lucky patcher app is the key to unlocking a holistic new experience. You will get to control and modify functions of all apps present in your device. Furthermore, it’s prudent enough when users are using this app to let most of the settings to remain in default mode to prevent apps from crashing.